Sandra Stringer

Sandra, Master Trainer, Rehabilitation Specialist, was first introduced to Pilates as a form of healing for her own dance-related injury. Intrigued by Pilates as a form of rehabilitation, she also realized the method’s versatility for advanced training. Practicing Pilates helped her gain core strength and balance as a performer.

Though Sandra does work with clients from the rehabilitative to advanced fitness needs, her focus on rehab began at the start of her Pilates career and continues to take center stage. She has worked with patients who have spinal injuries and repetitive strain injuries, as well as clients in stages from pre- to post-surgery. Recognizing inefficient patterns of movement and imbalances is a focal point in sessions so that clients can not only gain awareness about their bodies, but also integrate the lessons into their daily lives. Sandra strives to lead clients to achieve their goals while helping to give them a sense of confidence and comfort in their bodies.

Sandra has worked with Dr. Ban for 7 years. She certified with Ellie Herman in 2000 and continued to study rehab with Polestar, Lizz Roman, Nora St. John, and other peak teacher/trainers. She also certified in Yamuna Body Rolling in 2002.

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