MLS Laser Therapy

To understand cold laser, we can compare it to photosynthesis. Plants use water and sunlight to create energy to sustain themselves. Low-level laser light stimulates human cells to produce cell energy in the form of ATP, adenosine triphosphate. It restores energy to exhausted, injured cells enabling them to heal. To you, it means speedy recovery, healthier tissue with less scar tissue restrictions, and reduction of pain and inflammation. This is all accomplished with a series of short treatments, just minutes in duration.

Cold laser has become more and more popular as technology has improved its effectiveness. MOVE Chiropractic offers advanced, cold laser MLS therapy. MLS laser is one of the most highly developed lasers. Commonly, a laser is capable of treating pain or inflammation, but not both at the same time. MLS lasers are designed with patented, synchronized emissions that deliver simultaneous waves for pain reduction, for inflammation, and for cellular healing. The alternating emissions of MLS lasers are pulsed with short bursts of high-powered, laser ‘flashes’ to penetrate to the deepest tissues. It is the exceptional penetration provided by the alternating emissions and high-powered bursts that make MLS laser unique amongst other cold lasers.

At MOVE Chiropractic, we have seen tremendous results in healing plantar fascitis, Achilles tendonitis, bursitis, tennis elbow, shoulder pain, rotator cuff tears, sciatic pain, disc pain, neck and back pain, carpal tunnel, nerve pain, knee injuries, muscle spasms, wound healing, skin ulcers and even acne. It is non-invasive, perfectly safe, and has no side effects.

Laser Pain Management Association Certified Seal

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