I am an athletic 87 year old. When I come to the Bay Area to visit my children, I often wind up with minor but painful injuries from traveling and carrying my luggage. Fortunately for me, Dr. Ban is always there to fix me. I feel privileged and relieved to get the exceptional care of Dr. Ban. Her ability to diagnose my ailments, even over the phone, has saved me on many an occasion.
– Eva

       Dr. Ban is as good as gold. I do terrible things to my body and she fixes me. She cares about me.
– Fernando Delgado

       Dr. Ban is the best chiropractor in the world! The first time I saw Dr. Ban was after a bad fall on stage. I could not turn my head right or left. I was ina panic about the next performance. Dr. Ban was able to get me back onstage. Years later, I woke up one morning and could not make enough of a grip to brush my teeth. I knew who to call. Dr, Ban, the Pilates trainer, and the massage therapists saved me from surgery. I still see Dr. Ban on a a very regular basis. I trust her with my body.
– Wendy Hargle

       I had ribcage and midback pain that was keeping me awake at night for years. Dr. Ban fixed the problems and I’ve slept thru the night ever since. She cured a difficult foot pain as well. My body has some unusual muscular challenges. Dr. Ban is so attentive to the specifics of my body that she keeps me in peak comfort. I have been a bodyworker for many years and with the regular care I get from Dr. Ban, I can continue to work, knowing my body is well-cared for. I refer my clients to Dr. Ban regularly.
– Carol Dembling

       I started chiropractic about two months ago with shoulder and neck pain that was keeping me from working and making me cry. I have had general back and neck and shoulder pain for most of my adult life but this was the first time it was so serious. My adjustments got rid of the acute pain and have helped the rest of my spine get happy. This experience has helped me to think about taking care of my spine and my whole body instead of fighting with it. Also, everyone is always very happy here and laughing and it rules!
– Sara Davidson

       I have a physical job and my back started giving me trouble. After a couple of years of pain and not much improvement, I decided to try something different and went to Move Chiropractic. Being skeptical at first, I soon improved considerably, making me a believer in the care that I received. Dr. Ban has kept me going ever since. Thank you!!!
– Dennis Regan

       Dr. Ban was my client’s primary care physician after a motor vehicle accident, guiding my client to the right resources for diagnosis and care. Given the complexity of my client’s problems, I was deeply impressed by the manner in which Dr. Ban treated her. Additionally, as an expert witness, Dr. Ban was intelligent, prepared, persuasive, and honest.
– Richard Duane, Attorney at Law

       After suffering from multiple injuries, including a catastrophic bicycle accident, Move Chiropractic has me on the road to recovery with a combination of chiropractic and massage therapy.
– John Grose

       I came to Dr. Ban in so much pain. The pain was so bad it was making me sick to my stomach. I didn’t know what to do or who to go to. A co-worker told me that Dr. Ban would know what I needed and she was so right. It was amazing. I showed her a general area of pain and she put her finger right on the cause. After the first treatment, I had instant relief. By the next day, it was almost completely gone. Today I was in for my monthly tune-up. My head is clearer and I’m more relaxed and fluid. I have a stressful day ahead, but I’m calm.
– Astrid Broertjes

       I have chronic neck and back pain. I have been a patient of Dr. Ban’s for a number of years because of the holistic approach Dr. Ban uses in patient care. She treats the source of the pain and uses a wide assortment of therapeutic methods. There is an emphasis on prevention along with education in self-care. All of the practitioners at Move Chiropractic have a very supportive and caring attitude. I highly recommend their services.
– Sonia Jacques

       I was injured in 2002 when my car was rear-ended. I suffered a torn ligament in my left shoulder and was unable to lift my arm or put any weight on my shoulder. I play electric bass, but with this injury, I couldn’t play music. After months and many sessions of physical therapy and acupuncture, my shoulder was healing with a deformity. I was still losing sleep at night due to pain. Going to a chiropractor terrified me, however I felt that I had tried everything else. Within 3 months of seeing Dr. Ban and other practitioners at the clinic, I had regained full range of motion and was playing bass again. I was so impressed that I have become a regular patient, coming in for “tune-ups” and treatment for other small problems I’ve had.
– Linda Schmidt

       Following a back injury and finding little relief from the physical therapy I was getting, I began to see Dr. Ban for chiropractic treatment. Since the successful recovery I had from that injury, I have remained a patient at the clinic. I now consult with Dr. Ban for any aches and pains. She has helped me with neck pain, low back pain, and even foot problems. Dr. Ban has connected me to excellent resources outside of her clinic. She has been miraculous in getting me quick appointments with the right doctors at Kaiser Hospital.
– Alice Swarens

       I came in after an auto accident having never seen a chiropractor before. My exam uncovered problems from the accident but also more long-term damage that I wasn’t aware of. The treatments helped me recover from the accident and improved my range of motion from the older damage. The Pilates work has further stabilized me and improved my range. My neck and back feel better than they have in years!
– Kevin Cobb

       One particular characteristic that has impressed me with Dr. Ban is her willingness and desire to always go the extra mile in the care of her patients.
– Dr. Timothy Binning

       I have always been impressed with Dr. Ban’s diagnostic capabilities as well as her ability to provide effective and efficient patient care. She is a knowledgeable, personable, and caring practitioner.
– Dr. Ronald Valmassey

       I was in a terrible rear-end collision two years ago. A friend recommended Dr. Agi Ban. I was in extreme pain, barely able to move and not able to sleep. Weekly sessions of intense deep tissue, muscle and skeletal work with Dr. Ban has changed my life! It feels like I may never be without little aggravations from the accident but I am very close and improving, building strength and flexibility under Dr. Ban’s support and chiropractic care.

       Sandra Stringer’s expertise and guidance in rehabilitative Pilates has made a tremendous difference in my recovery from a rear-end collision two years ago. Often I walk in to the session a bundle of aches and pains and by the end of the session, I feel centered, strong and flexible. Sandra’s specific guided instructions and hands-on support continues to provide opportunity to strengthen and rehabilitate my many trouble spots.

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